Molly (molsey) wrote in pdxcoolkids,


1.) I couldn't live without... my computer. Games, email, chat, writing, I heart it so.

2.) Tell a joke here: Tell a joke what?

3.) The ad (tv, radio, print, etc) that I want to murder with a rusty spork is The Chase Freedom ones. "I'm freeeee to do what I wawwnnnt..." oh, shut UP. And many more. I pretty much mute all commercials and I channelsurf when they come on the radio.

4.) I have a crush on (teeheee!!!11one) ________.: A bunch of actors who do not know I exist. Some are much older, some are younger. One of them finally turned legal so I can stop feeling like a sex offender.

5.) Jenn is a huge retard. true/false (hint: true): Trulse.

6.) Make up a rumor about yourself so we can spread it.: I am earless.

7.) What would you do with a lifetime supply of duct tape?: Sell it for fun & profit.

8.) Pause for a minute and do the hokey pokie and turn yourself about.: Maybe later!

9.) Is anyone in this group on your friends list already?: Yes! Jenn and Gretchen (gilesgirl)

10.) If not, what are you waiting for?: We'll never get this paper out by deadline! Sorry, what?
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